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Children’s problems with learning disabilities

Children’s problems with learning disabilities

Children’s problems with learning disabilities

1. Learning difficulties

2. Problems of children with learning disabilities

3. Causes of learning difficulties

4. Treatment of learning disabilities

5. References

Learning difficulties

The term learning difficulties includes a range of disorders that affect the brain’s processing of different information, making it difficult to analyze and understand certain concepts, whether complex or simple, and it is strange to know that a child with learning difficulties often has normal or supra-normal intelligence but is difficult to master some tasks, often feeling frustrated, depressed and angry, and at times he also knows what he wants but cannot find a direct way to do so. [1]

Children’s problems with learning

Learning difficulties are a problem that affects how a child receives and processes information, and children with learning disabilities may have the following difficulties: [2]

Difficulty writing and reading. Difficulty solving mathematics. Understand trends. Save things. Follow the instructions. understand abstract ideas.

Causes of learning difficulties

Learning difficulties occur when a person’s brain development is affected, occurring before birth, during birth or early childhood, and can affect several factors in brain development, including:

Problems during childbirth that may prevent enough oxygen from reaching the brain.

The development of certain genes in the unborn fetus. Some diseases such as meningitis, or adult infection in early childhood. Maternal disease during pregnancy. Some conditions are associated with learning difficulties such as cerebral palsy because children with these conditions are more likely to develop learning difficulties. The transmission of certain genes from parents to the fetus, this makes educational disability more likely, known as inherited educational disability. There is no known cause of learning difficulties.

Treatment of learning disabilities

Going to a learning disabilities therapist is the most common solution to help the child, but there are some things parents should also do that help the treatment succeed:[3]

Support the child and understand the laws of special education in his school. Find out all about the child’s condition. To emphasize a child’s healthy habits, a child who sleeps adequately, exercises and eats a balanced diet is physically and mentally healthier.

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